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Citrix Training

New Horizons is among the largest networks of Citrix Authorized Learning Centers (CALC) in the world.

Every New Horizons training course follows the Citrix authorized curriculum and is taught by a Citrix Certified Instructor for the best possible preparation in passing certification exams or to gain a full understanding of Citrix technologies.

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Citrix Certification Programs

Citrix Certifications are offered on the full range of Citrix products and fall into three broad categories (Administrator, Engineer or Architect). For complete certification and exam info, visit the Citrix Certification web site,

Administrator Series Certifications

The Citrix administrator certifications focus on the foundation skills and knowledge necessary to support an existing implementation of specific Citrix products.

Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA)

This is the ideal entry level certification if you work on specific Citrix products. You can earn your CCA for individual products including Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenServer, and Citrix Netscaler.

Citrix Certified Advanced Administrator (CCAA)

The Citrix Certified Advanced Administrator certification requires more in depth knowledge on a subset of Citrix products including XenApp 5 and XenApp 6.

Engineer Series Certification

The Citrix engineer certifications are for Citrix IT Professionals that administer, build, test, rollout and support multiple Citrix products into a single, integrated solution.

Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer (CCEE)

To achieve this certification, you must first hold your CCA for XenApp, XenServer, XenDesktop in addition to your CCAA for XenApp. The final step is to take and pass your CCEE exam.

Architect Series Certifications

The Citrix Architect certification is for Citrix engineers who specialize in analyzing and designing Citrix implementations and represent the highest level of Citrix certifications.

Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA)

To achieve this certification, you must first hold your CCEE certification. You should have gained extensive field experience related to architecting Citrix virtualization-based solutions. Then, you must pass the CCIA examination.

Citrix Technologies

Since its founding in 1989, Citrix Systems has been providing superior desktop and server virtualization technologies. Below are descriptions of some of Citrix major technologies.

Application and Desktop Virtualization

Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp are core virtualization products by Citrix. By virtualizing systems in a datacenter or cloud environment, an organization can greatly reduce cost of application and desktop management

Citrix XenDesktop

Citrix XenDesktop is a secure virtual desktop interface application that allows desktops and apps to run as an on-demand service.

Citrix XenApp

Citrix XenApp is a 'thin client' product which allows a user to connect on-demand to hosted applications on a server.

Cloud Platform


Citrix XenServer is a server virtualization platform which allows multiple server virtual machines to reside on a single physical server. Virtualization technologies allow businesses to have enormous flexibility in terms of saving money, responding to ever-changing needs of a business, and better performance.


NetScaler is the Citrix cloud platform which allows organization to deploy and develop complete cloud networks.


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